Christine A. Ziegler

Contact Information
MIT 48-424
15 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
2022     Ph.D. Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
2016     B.S. Chemistry with Highest Distinction, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
2016     B.S. Molecular Genetics, University of Rochester, Rocehster, NY
  1. Zamora, M.*; Ziegler, C.A.*; Freddolino, P.L.; Wolfe, A.J. (2020) A thermosensitive, phase-variable epigenetic switch: pap revisited. Micro and Mol Bio Revs. 84(3):e00030-17.    * Authors contributed equally
  2. Owens, A.C.; Grasso, K.T.; Ziegler, C.A.; Fasan, R. (2017) Two-tier screening platform for directed evolution of amino-acyl tRNA synthetases with enhanced stop codon suppression efficiency. Chem Bio Chem. 18(12):1109-1116.
  3. Causton, H.C.; Feeney, K.A.; Ziegler, C.A.; O’Niell, J.S. (2015) Metabolic cycles in yeast share features conserved among circadian rhythms. Curr. Biol. 25(8):1056-1062.
Fellowships and Awards
2023-2026:    Simons Foundation Marine Microbial Ecology Postdoctoral Fellowship
2021-2022:    Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellowship
2017-2022:    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
2017-2022:    NIH T32 Pre-doctoral Genetics Training Grant
2016-2022:    Bernard L. Maas Endowed Graduate Fellowship
2018:             Adam A. and Mary J. Christman Award (excellence in academic scholarship and research)
2016:             ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry (awarded to one graduating senior)
2016:             Grace McCormack Fund for Biology Award (service to the Biology department)
2016:             Ayman Amin-Salem Memorial Prize (graduating student with best character)
2015:             Chemistry Junior Scholar Award
2015:             Catherine Block Memorial Prize (awarded to the best female student in STEM each year)